It’s midnight now, two hours since I am sitting here in my balcony seeing stars. The silence of the night and nostalgia are hand in glove. Some golden memories, old conversations, yearnings for the dream, everything feels like it just happened yesterday. People say they have memories with someone but they tend to ignore the... Continue Reading →


Fear came true

‘Hey Maya, get ready by seven we are leaving today' said Ayush kissing her forehead. 'What, where are we going?' she asked startled. 'Manali' he said smiling and left. A smile came over her face to match his. People say love fades away with time but it wasn't the case with them. Her smile broadened... Continue Reading →


I know you, but wish we never met, I try to explain you, but you do not get. The language of love remain unspoken, It doesn't matter, I am with you or heartbroken. Once you were my sunshine, Without you how am I supposed to be fine? I wish this be a dream, but it... Continue Reading →

Insanity (I)

'Hey, I think we were on the same train today' I spoke as she received the call. 'I don’t know' she said. My stomach fluttered as she spoke. It’s one of the best feelings to listen the voice you long for. 'You looked beautiful', I said. 'I'm fed up of this, Mukesh' she said. 'Can't... Continue Reading →

The diary of a Passionate

Hey you, See this is the problem with you. Once you are engrossed in a story you are unable to come out of it for a long time. No matter how important things are pending to do, you tend to ignore them. I’m fed up of this day dreaming of you. Your neglectfulness towards the... Continue Reading →

A letter from the battleground

You must feel pride ma, I am in the battleground, Two soldiers died ma, and what a death they found. The prideful smile over their lips, Seeing which my heart beat skips. I jumped to take the bullet and pain, But they stopped me saying, “Boy, you need to try again. The serving of nation... Continue Reading →

The story of village T

Back in old days there was a small village named T, there were two orphan brothers. Nobody knew their real names so the villagers started calling them as O and P. A strange village it was! The boys made their living by doing small chores for the villagers. Once on a cold winter night the... Continue Reading →

The Mistake

There is no one around me as I’m waiting at the bus stop. It’s raining heavily and I’m already drenched. The winter rain and the cold night waves are making me shiver. The last bus is already fifteen minutes late than its usual time. It may be due to the bad weather or sometimes they... Continue Reading →

Secret Santa

It was the Christmas Eve and Sana was very excited to finally meet her secret Santa. It was quarter to five and she waited impatiently. It started six months ago. Sana moved to a new place for higher education few months ago. New place, new beginning, everything was intriguing for her. The next morning as... Continue Reading →

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