Caution: Introverts are here

How irritated we get sometimes when we come across people who are not so good at conversations. It infuriates us, we get bored and talk less with them from later on. It’s very simple to avoid someone than to help them out of the situation.

Here the situation is introversion. In this giant world there is no space for introverts. The society call them anti social, people call them emotionless. No they are not emotionless, they are just not good at expressing it. They avoid situations like face to face conversations and social gatherings.

Being an introvert isn’t a character flaw and surely not a thing to get ashamed of. Introverts are not unfriendly they just prefer few friends and value them, they are not anti conversation they just think before speaking.

Some introverts are contented with their nature but some are not and they are trying to change themselves. They talk with you, they get you bored and then you don’t talk back with them, leaving them where they were.


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