A Journey worth remembering

People say you lose track of time when you are in love. I was in love or not, I don’t know but something similar happened to me once.

I was travelling from Delhi to McLeod Ganj by bus. Journey from Delhi to McLeod Ganj is worth relaxing trip for Delhiites. It was a night journey and I booked a window seat from Kashmeri Gate ISBT. I saw the seat next to me empty and wished it to be empty for the entire journey. One thing I always hate during journeys is some stranger poking in my private space.

It was then I saw a beautiful girl boarding the bus. She seemed epitome of beauty. Her hair flowing with the gust of wind made her look like a fairy. She came and sat next to me. Frankly speaking, this was better than empty seat. Few minutes later she requested me to exchange our seats and how could I say no to “her”?

It felt like a dream sitting next to her. A cool breeze coming from the window made her hair drop on her face. Light coming from outside the window made me see her face clearly. She was perfect. Her cute childlike eyes, her beautiful pink lips were what made me long for the next roadside lamp post to see her again. She looked lost in her thoughts everytime I looked at her. It felt awkward to stare at someone like this, but I couldn’t help staring.

I don’t remember how much time passed stealing glances at her but the next thing I remember was drops of tears rolling down her cheeks and she was looking out of the window to hide that. What was wrong? Was that due to me staring? My mind flooded with questions. Should I ask her? No how could I, I don’t even know her.

‘Hey you okay?’ I asked gathering my guts. I hardly recognized my voice.

‘Yeah, I am good, you say?’

What am I expected to say? It was her who was crying silently.

‘Yash’ I said offering her my hand unable to find anything better to speak.

‘Esha she said and smiled holding it. Her smile didn’t reach her eyes. I wanted to talk more but didn’t want to be pushy so just smiled back.

She was lost again in the outside world.

Bus was moving very fast and the darkness outside was scary. The moon was also dull and the environment felt depressing or what it felt after seeing her in tears. I was not well-acquainted with her but I felt a strange familiarity with her. It probed me to find out what’s happening to her.

‘Ain’t you well?’

‘No I am fine.’

‘Then why are you letting them escape your eyes’ I said pointing to the tear drops rolling down her face. 

To be continued…



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