In this giant world no one is perfect. Every one of us have to take decisions at every phase of life. Some of the choices we make flourish but some don’t and when the situation doesn’t go with our will, due to some of the decisions we took, we start getting bad vibes and often regret ourselves.

Sometimes we get a quick remedy for our bad decisions whereas some regrets last for life. Like everyone I also regret many times but then time changes, situation improves.

Let me tell you something I would be regretting my entire life. This all happened about two years ago. There was a girl in my neighborhood, a much confident and independent girl. Probably working in a MNC much against her conservative family’s will. Every thing was fine the society talked behind her back as a single girl living alone is an offense for the society but she was kind enough to forgive them.

One year passed gradually. She was happy, society’s views doesn’t matter for her. It was last December and everyone was excited for the Christmas. She was working overtime as she was planning to take a long leave. Who doesn’t want to stay home in Christmas and she just wanted to spend more time with her family.

Who knew what was destiny’s plan at that time. One dark night while returning from her office she was forced into a sexual assault. The morons raped her brutally and left her to die on the roadside.

But what a brave girl she was, her treatment got her better with time. And she wanted to live with same pride and respect again, but with the sarcastic comments of neighbors and relatives she was unable to do so. It was intolerable for her to bear more humiliations and then one day she died. She killed herself due to people and like everyone I too was an audience. Never dared to say anything in her favor. I was afraid to be with her because her opponent was “the society”.

Then suddenly everyone started loving her!!


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  1. One of my friends lost a child do to bullying and I know that if anyone will had said anything he would has been helped. But others felt if they told they will be next. So sad that a human been has to spend their life in fear… Everyone should be loved. Thanks so much for sharing this post, so sorry this happened

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  2. The title “regret” has been best described by YOU. Situations and decisions will b varying. But to find the best remedy to any worst decision has become more tough

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