False Prestige or Real Experience?

Elders always warn about a thing or another but the juveniles keep doing it as a mark of their prestige. Sometimes this false prestige has its own perilous destiny and the ignorant youths have to face the consequences. They face them, they suffer, but they do not change. The things inappropriate seem the right one.
Brain tries to fool us making the situation exactly the same we want it to be. Talking simply, if we wish we have all the time if we don’t we have excuses for the same thing. That’s what the brain does, fools us into believing that the situation is favorable when we wish and to the most critical situation when we don’t.

The ability to outsmart the brain is called experience, but unfortunately the fake prestige wins over the real experience in most of the cases.


3 thoughts on “False Prestige or Real Experience?

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  1. I think another way to outsmart the brain is discipline. If one would discipline itself enough to not to always gratify itself, but to wait for the proper time to act on things, then texperience at some pointwould not be necessary.
    Experience is costly and we don’t have all the time the world to experience everything. 🙂 Better learn fast from others.

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