Those Fake Faces

A friend, someone you are not related to, someone you meet for the first time but the one who bonds with you for the lifetime. People say, if you get a good friend you are fortunate. Whenever you feel low, talk to your friends and they will take you out of your depression.

But as bad and good go hand in hand, the person who demotivates you can also be your friend and you absolutely have no idea about it. Even if someone jokingly says ‘No, you can’t do it’ affects your mind sub- consciously, and with the advancement in time, you start believing that you are not capable enough to do it. The dream you wanted to achieve start frustrating you because your efforts came to a halt.

That frustration later leads to depression, you laugh less, you imprison yourself in a room, you don’t like the things once you loved doing. You start making excuses for the hard work you need to do to accomplish your dream.

The person who knowingly, may be out of jealousy or unknowingly, possibly due to unawareness demotivates you has done the job successfully. Are you that much gullible?

Once you start believing in you then sky is the limit my friend. Just be careful of those fake faces.


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