‘We are getting late, let’s go’, said Navya.  ‘What’s the hurry, four hours are still left for the show’ I replied lazily. ‘We’re not going to watch a show Pratik, it’s our own, and we’ll rock the show’ said Navya in a confident voice. I met with her two years ago in a singing competition, we both were finalists. She won the competition and I won her. We waited for two years for the day. It was our dream to give a stage performance together. Two years of togetherness surely helped us to know each other. That composing of songs together, that late night sweet arguments over lyrics, that first drops of rain which she collected and threw on me, and her chuckling after that, that walking hand in hand at night. We made all these pleasant memories in two years.
‘Where are you thinking? Let’s go’, she said again. She checked the guitar string while I called our music band to reach the auditorium on time. We left our home and took a bus to the auditorium. Navya was very excited. The smile on her face just made my day. She suddenly spoke, ‘Shall we rehearse for a last time, Pratik?’ 

‘Here, in the bus?’ I was startled by her excitation. ‘Yeah, what’s wrong with that?’ she said making a cute face. A smile automatically came to my lips seeing her like that. She smiled back.

‘Hello everyone, we want to sing a song in front of you all’ she spoke standing up. The people cheered with a thumbs up. The people lost in thoughts as we begin to sing. Music affects the brain in such a positive way that we start introspecting us. That was probably happening with the co passengers. We probably gave our best performance ever that day in the bus, but suddenly a guy stood up from the back corner of the bus and said, ‘No it’s not the right way, the last note you sang isn’t up to the mark.’

I got furious. I always have problem with people judging others who are much better than you. But then he started singing the last note of the song. It was out of the world. I was impressed.

Navya started clapping as he ended the song. I was little surprised as she doesn’t appreciates anyone easily. Then why this time?

To be continued…

 Check the link to the second part…


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