Struggle (II)

As we know from the previous part when Navya and Pratik were rehearsing a guy interfered them. Who was that strange person? Let’s see.

‘He is better than us’, she said looking towards me. She was right, he sang fabulously. ‘Let’s ask him if he is professional or what’ I said to which Navya immediately agreed. As we approached him the bus came to halt and he stood up collecting his bag. Perhaps it was his stop. Seeing this Navya gave him our auditorium pass and said, ‘Everything is written on it, please try to make up to it.’ He nodded as door closed behind him. ‘Will he come?’ Navya asked, she sounded little desperate. I didn’t answer rather packed my guitar as next stop was ours. 

We reached the auditorium and found our musicians waiting. After formalities they went to check the bass and other instruments. As the time of the performance approached nervousness started hitting me. Navya sensed it and  with a smile, ‘You will do fine, don’t worry’. Her words soothing words helped me to gain confidence. We went backstage after checking everything one final time. 

Finally the time we waited for came, but were we really ready for it? I looked at Navya. She was looking adorable with her confident smile. Looking at her made me remember all our struggle from last two years, I got motivated and calmed myself to give the best. People cheered us as we went to the stage. We began singing, for the next few minutes I was completely lost, I forgot about the audience, about the surroundings and just sang. As the song ended the auditorium filled with applaud. I turned towards Navya smiling but our eyes didn’t met, she was looking in a different direction. I followed her eyes and found the guy from the bus. He just sat expressionless. Navya motioned him to wait as we wanted to thank him for the modifications he made in our song which was fabulous. We went down the stage towards him, as the song was over people started moving and there was  little hustle.  We made our way to the end where he was sitting and tapped on his shoulder.

‘Yes’ he said turning to us. ‘Congratulations to both of you. You sang wonderful’ he said looking at us. We thanked him but we were not at all pleased because he wasn’t that guy but someone else.

Disappointed and unable to understand what happened we turned back. Suddenly that person spoke, ‘Hey, someone forgot this diary, return if someone asks for’. I was in no mood to take this responsibility on my head but then it was my own show. I took the diary and went to submit it to the auditorium in charge but he refused to take it by saying ‘I have your contact, I will inform you in case someone inquire.’

While returning home Navya asked for the diary to see if some contact is written in it. As she started flipping pages a photo fell down from it. We were shocked once again as the face was familiar. The same guy from the bus but this time with a girl. Who was she?

 To be continued…

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