Struggle (IV)

As we know from the previous parts that Navya and Pratik found a snap of that guy with a girl which probed them to read further. As they read the surprises welcomed them. The mysterious disappearance of the girl left them startled. Where she went? Let's see. We were shocked as we finished reading it.... Continue Reading →


Struggle (III)

As we know from previous part as Navya was flipping through the diary a snap of that guy with a girl fell down. Who was she? Let's see. We reached home, Navya was very excited to read the diary after the photograph we saw. She just dropped the guitar down and started reading it.  ‘We... Continue Reading →

Struggle (II)

As we know from the previous part when Navya and Pratik were rehearsing a guy interfered them. Who was that strange person? Let's see. 'He is better than us', she said looking towards me. She was right, he sang fabulously. 'Let's ask him if he is professional or what’ I said to which Navya immediately... Continue Reading →


'We are getting late, let’s go', said Navya.  'What's the hurry, four hours are still left for the show' I replied lazily. ‘We’re not going to watch a show Pratik, it’s our own, and we’ll rock the show' said Navya in a confident voice. I met with her two years ago in a singing competition,... Continue Reading →

Those Fake Faces

People say, if you get a good friend you are fortunate. A friend someone you are not related to, someone you meet for the first time but the one who bonds with you for the lifetime. Whenever you feel low, talk to your friends and they will take you out of your depression. But as... Continue Reading →

False Prestige or Real Experience?

Elders always warn about a thing or another but the juveniles keep doing it as a mark of their prestige. Sometimes this false prestige has its own perilous destiny and the ignorant youths have to face the consequences. They face them, they suffer, but they do not change. The things inappropriate seem the right one.... Continue Reading →


In this giant world no one is perfect. Every one of us have to take decisions at every phase of life. Some of the choices we make flourish but some don’t and when the situation doesn’t go with our will, due to some of the decisions we took, we start getting bad vibes and often... Continue Reading →


There was not much time left for midnight and the night sky above the city of Delhi looked beautiful. It was the last week of June with the first rain of the season not much late. A slow gust of wind with moisture was blowing intermittently. The stars were having their own meeting in the... Continue Reading →

A journey worth remembering (II)

Continue....... 'Then why are you letting them escape your eyes' I said pointing to the tear drops rolling down her face. ‘There are some feelings which when not expressed choose this path', she said pointing to a tear drop lying on her hand. 'And what are those?' I asked. She looked at me but didn’t... Continue Reading →

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