Those Fake Faces

A friend, someone you are not related to, someone you meet for the first time but the one who bonds with you for the lifetime. People say, if you get a good friend you are fortunate. Whenever you feel low, talk to your friends and they will take you out of your depression. But as... Continue Reading →


False Prestige or Real Experience?

Elders always warn about a thing or another but the juveniles keep doing it as a mark of their prestige. Sometimes this false prestige has its own perilous destiny and the ignorant youths have to face the consequences. They face them, they suffer, but they do not change. The things inappropriate seem the right one.... Continue Reading →


In this giant world no one is perfect. Every one of us have to take decisions at every phase of life. Some of the choices we make flourish but some don’t and when the situation doesn’t go with our will, due to some of the decisions we took, we start getting bad vibes and often... Continue Reading →


There was not much time left for midnight and the night sky above the city of Delhi looked beautiful. It was the last week of June with the first rain of the season not much late. A slow gust of wind with moisture was blowing intermittently. The stars were having their own meeting in the... Continue Reading →

Caution: Introverts are here

How irritated we get sometimes when we come across people who are not so good at conversations. It infuriates us, we get bored and talk less with them from later on. It’s very simple to avoid someone than to help them out of the situation. Here the situation is introversion. In this giant world there... Continue Reading →

The thing uncontrollable

Everyday we come across many new faces, some stay some leave but everyone gives a lesson, which we understand only with the advancement in time. Time, an uncontrollable thing but the best teacher one can have. Teaching isn’t just about the academics, but also about the life. Lessons from tutors may be forgotten but the... Continue Reading →

Imagination, Be real please

Travelling at night is one of the best feelings one can have. It has something which attracts a person to go astray in some pleasurably strange thoughts, even feelings. I often wonder how pleasuring it would be to travel alone with no worries and the feelings leading to a world full of contentment, the world... Continue Reading →


I was sitting in the balcony watching the sun go deep inside the sea. The evening sun looked beautiful. The reddish colour of the sky and its reflection in the sea, the sounds of the waves crashing. Everything was so adorable but was something missing? Perhaps I was habitual of taking her hands in mine.... Continue Reading →

I am mature now

Yes I am mature now. I am not just saying I really am. I don’t get excited over small things. I don’t smile too often and laugh only at occasions. Now I understand sarcasm which seemed genuine once and also get sarcastic many times. Once I waited eagerly for festivals but now I am mature.... Continue Reading →

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